Paul Eggins was birthed in 1990 and has never stopped creating since an early age. Working heavily in Street Art, Paul has taken a recent leap forward in his personal take on the idea of Abstract Art after completing his Bachelor of Contemporary Arts with Honours Degree.

Living in Tasmania, Australia, Paul explores ideas of expression core emotions, ideas and concepts of what it means to be human through his defined style of Abstract imagery. Working primarily as a Street Artist, Paul's studio practice fluxgates between drawing and painting. He has also curated several shows, bringing focus to presenting art outside of the traditional gallery setting. This has seen him exhibit in old, abandoned buildings, vans turned into portable galleries, and through bus-stop shelter public advertisement spaces. 

Paul is no stranger to work outside of exhibiting, with a large portfolio of Street Art for festivals, local businesses, corporations and events. He has found involvement with festivals such as MONA FOMA, Falls Festival, NUART (Stavanger, Norway), 10 Days on the Island, Junction, Tidal, Fractangular, Party in the Paddock and Northern Lights. On top of all this, he has worked on local events such as Ring Ring and Our House. 

Finally, Paul is currently the Director of Sawtooth ARI, one of Australia’s Largest Artist Run Initiatives, boasting 6 gallery spaces. Also, he works as a gallery technician for several galleries across northern Tasmania. 

Paul Eggins CV - Janurary 2019